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oh, deflection, moneypenny.
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22nd-Jun-2015 03:36 pm(no subject)
louis tomlinson
It's been recently pointed out to me that several of my icons are similar to others in colouring and / or crop. It was never my intention to offend anyone, and if I did I sincerely apologise. Therefore I removed several icons. Should anyone still feel wronged in any way, please contact me.
9th-Feb-2015 05:41 pm - #3
bad wolf, doctor who
001-010 The 100
011-015 Doctor Who
016-020 The Avengers & Captain America
021-025 Agent Carter
026-035 Hawkeye (Comics)
036-040 Pushing Daisies
041-045 Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit
046-055 Misc.TV


Okay... This looks bad.Collapse )
4th-Dec-2014 05:57 pm - #1
So, I've descided to create a community for my graphics.
Most of my icons can also be found on tumblr (x).
My old icons can all be found here winterfel.

Here are some of my older icons:

001-012 Supernatural
013-022 Doctor Who
023-029 The Vampire Diaries
030-044 Teen Wolf
045-049 Game of Thrones
050-059 The Borgias
060-069 The Hour
070-095 Misc.TV
096-105 Harry Potter & The Dark Knight Trilogy


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